Super VPN for PC – Free Download – Windows 7,8,10 and Mac

What Is SuperVPN?

SuperVPN for PCSuperVPN is a highly-appreciated and easy-to-use VPN application. If you are new to this, you will first need to understand how different the functions and functionalities of SuperVPN are from an ordinary VPN service.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which allows users to send and receive information as a private network while being a part of a public or shared network.

For a user, VPN provides privacy and security in an unsecured shared or public network. To be specific, virtual network apps mask your private information such as your IP address, location, and search history possibly being tracked by the websites you access, the browsers on your Windows PC or Mac computer, and your internet service provider. At the same time, VPN also protects your personal information such as contact info or bank details while being sent from or received on your device.

So, SuperVPN free download for Windows 7, 8, or 10 and Mac can be used on websites or in networks, where you want to hide your critical personal data. For example, some websites may not work in your country/location. You can enable SuperVPN to change your location virtually, and be able to use that website without any restriction.

SuperVPN changes your IP address. So, there are no instances of tracking when you have this application installed and enabled on your computer or browser.

Advantages of SuperVPN –

A superhero among all virtual private network applications on the web! SuperVPN is free to download for Android, PCs, Windows 7, 8, and 10, and Mac Computers.

Here are some of the biggest advantages of choosing to free download SuperVPN

Hides Private Information –

That is the biggest upside of using SuperVPN. Every website you visit – whether trusted or unsecure – constantly tracks your activity and information while you are browsing, and sometimes, even after browsing.

SuperVPN disallows access to your private information for those websites and other possible individuals and entities.

Access to Region Specific Services –

Some countries (such as China and Myanmar) bar the use of leading social networks for their residents. If you are traveling to these countries, you can still use your social network with SuperVPN.

No Registration Required –

Numerous premium services charge handsomely for their application, for which you have to give them your personal information as your card details, phone number, and email. With SuperVPN, registration is not required.

However, for VIP account, you will be required to provide your details. But SuperSoftTech, the brain behind this versatile VPN application, promises the utmost privacy for your information.

Disadvantages of SuperVPN –

Amid all the gains of SuperVPN, some suspect there are a few downsides as well. These include –

Seems Unsafe –

As mention above, SuperVPN has been developed by SuperSoftTech. In April 2020, Google removed the app from PlayStore. Though it is back now on Google and on many other download servers.

The information available says it is from a developer that is located in Singapore. But, SuperSoftTech is a Chinese tech joint. So, this is a concern of many tech experts and clients.

To help you decide whether it is safe or unsafe, just go check out all the recent positive reviews and the number of downloads for this app. And it will be clear after that you definitely need this app on your phone or computer.

Slow –

Some experts call SuperVPN a slow VPN client for Windows PCs and Mac computers. Many review websites have screenshots on their page mentioning that SuperVPN reduced their download speed. They claim that over long-distance connections, the speed takes a drastic deep dive when SuperVPN is enabled.

Many websites report that after you download SuperVPN for PC, it shows an average speed of 20-30 Mbps in the UK and the US. For a free VPN client, that’s not a bad figure.

Apart from these, SuperVPN asks for unnecessary permissions from the user, which for some could be a great irk. You might also see inessential and irrelevant ads while using, especially opening the app.

The application is free of cost with free unlimited bandwidth, but there are terms and conditions applying. You will be able to access restricted pages only for 60 minutes per session. After that, you will need to reconnect SuperVPN. To avoid that, you can always move to the VIP service of SuperPVN on your PC/Mac.

Bottom Line –

SuperVPN is a free and easy to use virtual private network app which you can use on your Windows 7, 8, or 10 PC and Mac Computer. It keeps your information protected from tracking, by encrypting your activities.

Despite the lack of transparency and confusing user policies, the number of downloads for this app is presently at all-time high. That simply explains that SuperVPN PC is the best VPN client for Windows and Mac.

ShareMe (Mi Drop) App for PC Download Free – Windows 7,8,10 and MAC

Share Me (Mi Drop) App in PCEver since mobiles have turned smart, they have become a second computer for us. Even if there is no network connection, we can use our smartphone for a number of activities, such as for sharing pictures, videos, audios, and documents to others on their smartphone or Windows/Mac computer.

Share Me App for Windows and Mac

Share Me, which was earlier known as Mi Drop, is a file transfer app. It is basically a mobile application. But there are ways you can use Share Me app for PC as well including Windows 7, 8, and 10, and Mac.

The best part of using Mi Drop for PC is, you can transfer files not only between two computers (Windows or Mac) but also between a mobile and a computer. So, if you have some important file from work, which you have downloaded via email on your phone, and now you want to work on it on your computer, you can send this file to your computer via Share Me application.

All you have to do is, Mi Drop app download for your PC, install it, and connect your mobile and PC for file sharing.

Why Go for Mi Drop for PC Software Download?

It has been built after years of brainstorming by Xiaomi. And their research and development haven’t stopped after the launch of the file transfer app. They continue their research and development to offer a better experience to their users. And that’s the number one reason why you should go for Mi Drop app download for pc.

Here are some of the other top technical aspects of Share Me –

Free of Cost –

It is a free software application for smartphones and computers. Unlike many premium apps, this freeware does not come with hidden terms and conditions.

Works on Any Device or Environment –

4-inch screen resolution? Not a problem. You have got a 10-inch tab? Great! Mi Drop or Share Me works on any device no matter what screen size.

Similarly, if you have a Windows PC with OS version 7, 8, or 10 or Mac computer, then also you can download Mi Drop for file transfer between computer and computer or computer and mobile.

Faster and Smarter –

To be specific, Mi Drop is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. Additionally, while many other file transfer apps struggle when it comes to saving your time, especially when you are transferring between mobile and computer, Mi Drop works much faster.

No Internet Required –

You do not need an internet connection to use Share Me on PC. The app has been designed to establish its own connection between two devices without demanding the consumption of data packets.

Easy To Use –

When we say easy to use, we must mention different aspects related to the features of Share Me.

It is super easy to install on your computer (for that, we will give a stepwise guide later) and on your mobile through PlayStore.

Next, working with the app is also a cakewalk. You don’t exactly need rigorous training to use Mi Drop app. With a simple and clearly visible navigation menu, you can connect device(s) and initiate the file transfer in just a few clicks.

From a 16kb Ms Word document to a 2mb PNG file and a 2 GB software folder – you can transfer anything from one device to another.

No Ads –

Even though freeware, Mi Drop for PC does not contain any ads. That means it is safe and less confusing to work with.

Mi Drop App Download for PC – Windows and Mac

If you are looking for Mi Drop for PC, this guide will help you with Mac, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 download. Here’s a stepwise guide for you –

  • Download an Android Emulator on your PC. Some of the popular Android Emulators are – BlueStacks, Nox Player, etc.
  • As the download completes, install the emulator on your computer. Now, open the software and create a sign up or log in to your account.
  • After logging in, open the Google PlayStore on the interface, and search for Share Me file transfer app using the search bar.
  • You will be shown many related apps, but you have to choose and download the one that has been developed by Xiaomi Inc.
  • Once the download is over, you are ready to use the Mi Drop on your PC.

Download PixelLab for PC, Windows 7/8/10 and Mac

PixelLab Online Text Editor for PCWe are living in a colorful world that has changed and remarkably impacted every individual’s life. From enchanting monuments and green landscapes to dazzling high-end stores, this planet looks more like a rainbow. This is the reason why most people are obsessed with capturing everything using smartphones and high-definition cameras. If you are obsessed with photography and want to take your photographs to another level, then there is no dearth of fabulous apps like PixelLabs that can bring magic to your every photo. You can sort any complicated editing issues related to photos using the PixelLab app. However, you need to follow some of the important steps to download PixelLab for PC.

So stay creative, and let’s start with the short overview of this photo editor app i.e; PixelLab.

PixelLab: An Overview

Simply put, PixelLab is an amazing and efficient photo editor app that allows users to draw and edit images without compromising on quality. It is an android application freely available on Google Play Store. It runs on your Windows PC, Laptop, and Mac with the help of an Android emulator when downloaded from a reliable source.

With millions of downloads alone in the Google Play Store, this app allows the users to transform any ordinary picture into a dramatic art form. It is easy to fall in love with the PixelLab app as it provides the user with unlimited options to navigate and edit the pictures depending on their taste and preferences.

This simple yet effective app also lets you do other kinds of editing stuff to make any dull picture look brighter.

Amazing Features of PixelLab Apps You Don’t Wanna Miss

Do you know PixelLab is an award-winning designing studio known for its unimaginable and vibrant features? Here’s why:

  • PixelLabs allows users to easily upload watermarks, texts, and even emojis directly from the storage devices.
  • This application gives you the freedom to use different sorts of text templates for free.
  • There’s no limit to adding one or more images without any restrictions.
  • Hundreds of texts are available in this app to make your picture look appealing.
  • From 3D texts and stickers to images, PixelLabs even allows you to add text effects and the right combination of colors for a picture-perfect.
  • You can effortlessly change or remove the background of any picture.
  • Share your favorite picture with your friends or family across multiple social media platforms.

This app is your one-stop destination or your frugal editing partner to change, edit or draw any image in your gallery. If you’re looking for ways to download PixelLab PC, here are the steps you need to follow.

Simple Steps to Download and Install PixelLab for PC (Windows and Mac)

There are two ways to download PixelLab for PC:

  1. Using Bluestacks App PlayerTo begin, launch and install Bluestacks on your PC.
    Once done, Type “PixelLab” in the My Apps button in the emulator
    Click the PixelLab icon and start the downloading process
    Enter your Google account details to download apps from  Google Play Store on Bluestacks
    After installation gets completed, start using PixelLab and enjoy your editing journey
  2. Using Nox App PlayerInstall Nox App Player (Android Emulator) on your PC
    After installing, Run Nox on PC and log in to your Google account to proceed further
    Install PixelLab app on your Nox emulator
    Play Pixellab on your PC effortlessly once the installation is over

If you follow these steps, you can easily download PixelLab online for your PC, laptop, or Mac and give yourself the privilege to make an impact with your extraordinary pictures.

Final Words

A true artist and creator know how satisfying it is to create a perfect photo that everyone loves. The PixelLab PC app is a one-of-a-kind tool or application with ingenious features that can evoke the right emotion and feelings in any picture. No matter whether you want to create funny memes for your Instagram or want to bring surprise elements in your photographs professionally, start experimenting with the PixelLab app to impact the masses.

Download v380s for PC, Windows 7/8/10 and Mac

download v380s for pcIn this digital era, it has become crucial for every human being to embrace modern technology and techniques to cope with day-to-day challenges. From high-tech gadgets to cutting-edge robot technology, this world has evolved dramatically with time. Out of all the modern technology and concepts, the V380s is an exciting application specifically designed for users from across the world to monitor, record, and keep a sharp eye on their household activities with ease. When it comes to real-time recording, this android application fits perfectly while satisfying the safety need of every household owner. But, the question is how you can download v380s for PC to reap a plethora of benefits without any trouble.

In this article, we have prepared a simple yet effective guide that will help you Download and Install V380s for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac) effortlessly.

What is V380s?

V380s is a useful, productive, and modern generation application usually meant for Android devices to monitor or even record day-to-day activities in your home or office.

From taking images, recording real-time videos to even recording video calls by sitting anywhere, this feature-rich application is designed to assist any household activities via a cloud-based camera.

If you’re someone who gives priority to safety, then install V380s for PC now to steer clear of intruders and thieves 24/7.

It is a smart application that has been recently updated for V380s with unlimited and exciting features that are mentioned below:

  • This highly-intelligent application boasts features like record videos remotely, take instant images, voice intercom as well as video calls.
  • It also offers Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras feature to view the space and controls from all the angles of the cameras.
  • One of the exciting features i.e playback options allows the owners to view the stream back in time
  • It competently supports networks like live audio monitoring, remote video playback, and image capture.
  • Motion detection features and alerts help in sensing any motion in your absence.

Amazing features like these make the V380s application perfect for those looking for safety and precautions at the same time.

Basic Requirements You Need Before Downloading V380s for Windows

Here are the five most important things you need before downloading the V380s application on your PC perfectly:

  • Uninterrupted internet connection or wi-fi connectivity
  • A surveillance CCTV camera installed on your premises
  • Windows or macOS-powered Desktop PC or Laptop
  • Android Emulator like BlueStacks downloaded from reliable source
  • And, V380s APK

Now, let’s go through the steps of downloading V380s Para PC and windows:

Steps to Download V380s Application for Windows 7/8/10 and Mac

Using the below simple steps, you can easily download and install the V380s windows application on your PC in less than 15 minutes (Depending on the internet speed).

  • First, download the Bluestacks from the Bluestacks official website (
  • When the download gets over, click on the Bluestacks apps and log in using your preferred Google account.
  • Open the Google Play Store via Bluestacks and Type “V380s” in the search bar
  • Click on the V380s to start the installation.
  • Launch V380s app when the installation is completed
  • Start the surveillance carefully after reading all the on-screen instructions

Remember, you need to make sure that your systems have a minimum of 2GB of RAM for the program to run smoothly. Besides, you need to update the graphic drivers in your PC before starting your installation process for V380s windows.


V380s is not just any ordinary application, it is a most amazing, secure, and worthy application that can offer your premises a high-level of security 24/7. Millions of users are leveraging a multitude of benefits using this single app.

Therefore, choose the V380s to take the safety and security of your home or office to another level!

WiFi Master Key for PC and Mac – Windows 7/8/10 – Free Download

WiFi Master Key for PCSince the introduction of WiFi (Wireless Fidelity), it has taken the world of the internet by storm. It is bringing positive change in every business and human life. However, as everyone can connect with the public WiFis free of costs, there are still some of the risks that one has to put up with – unencrypted networks, malware distribution, and malicious hotspots to name a few. That’s why you need to connect with safe, secure, reliable but free wifi networks using a wifi master key for PC and Mac.

What is WiFi Master Key?

As the name suggests, WiFi Master Key is a free app or an android application that enables users to connect with secure WIFI hotspots freely. Unlike public WiFi, it is an encrypted application that allows the users to share their Wi-Fi without keeping their privacy and protecting their passwords.

The developer, LinkSure Network makes sure to provide the free Wi-Fi internet connection shared by reliable Wi-Fi hosts from around the world at zero cost. You need to download the wifi master key for the laptop to enjoy the fastest and uninterrupted internet connection for free.

Downloading the WiFi master key for your PC and Mac can get you a plethora of benefits. The main features and advantages of WiFi Master Key are:

  • WiFi master key app allows you to find, search and connect with the shared WiFi hotspots near you for free.
  • It automatically removes the threat of disclosing your passwords to the perpetrators that can use your WiFi in a negative or unethical way.
  • It is convenient for you to access the Wi-Fi from a hotel, restaurants, or even workspaces as the Wi-Fi master key comes in handy.
  • The app features quick, simple, and faster internet connectivity with a combined signal identifier.
  • This app comes in 10 languages in 200 plus countries and regions, and can be used in your language without any issue.
  • Being a user-friendly app, the Wi-Fi master key provides a great user interface.
  • From Windows 7/8/10 to Mac, this feature-rich app can be downloaded easily using an Android emulator software.

How to Download WiFi Master Key for PC Windows 7 and Mac?

You need a smart android phone and good internet connectivity to set up a WiFi Master Key for PC free of cost. Follow these five simple steps to get started:

  • First, you need to install the Bluestacks (Bluestacks.exe file) or any reliable emulator on your PC.
  • After downloading the file completely, start the installation process
  • Launch it on your computer when ready to use
  • Enter your Gmail account details inside the software to proceed further
  • Once done, Type “WiFi Master Key App” in the search bar from the Google Play Store, Press enter, and install the software.
  • Wait for approx. 10 to 15 seconds (Time varies depending on your internet connectivity)
  • Click on the install button for the application WiFi Master Key to start downloading on your PC or Mac
  • Open the WiFi Master Key app to enjoy after internet connectivity

Is it Safe to Use Wi-Fi Master Key App?

The answer is Yes. WiFi Master Key app is a free wireless toolkit that allows you to get a secure and free connection in a protected environment.

In case you’re sharing your WiFi with your friends, family, and colleagues, the in-built feature of the WiFi Master Key will encrypt your saved WiFi password without letting anyone know about it.

What Else Does the WiFi Master Key offer?

It is a good idea to get a new version of the WiFi Key Master for PC. Here’s why?

  • The new version of the WiFi Master key comes with fixing some crash bugs, adding more free passwords, and optimizing the experience of connecting to the shared wifi.
  • The advanced version boasts feature like optimize portable hotspot that allows you to set up and turn off the wifi password in just one click.


In this fast-paced digital world, you need an excellent application that can offer you uninterrupted internet services while maintaining your privacy and protecting the passwords. WiFi Master Key is the one trustworthy and legit application that you can rely on.

No matter whether you want to buy a WiFi Master Key lite or an advanced version of the master key, both versions offer you a convenient, powerful, and perfect solution for your internet connectivity and ensure the safety of connected devices even in an unfamiliar environment.

gDMSS Plus for PC – Windows 7/8/10 & Mac – Free Download

gDMSS Plus for PCSafety is an important aspect that everyone looks for. No matter whether you’re staying in a 3BHK fully furnished flat or a million-dollar mansion, you need to keep your property and life safe from unexpected or overwhelming situations. If you don’t want to experience any losses due to a lack of surveillance, it is a good idea to install gDMSS for PC to track any suspicious movement or activity.

This blog will guide you on how to install gDMSS lite for PC to make your life comfortable and free from threats.

What Exactly is gDMSS?

DMSS stands for Digital Mobile Surveillance System that allows you to centrally manage various security devices using mobile phones, tablets, or PC. In simple terms, gDMSS is the ultimate software application for watching, managing and monitoring the CCTV cameras on your PC or mobile phones. It is an integrated Android mobile application that secures your home or even office by tracking every movement.

Solutions like gDMSS lite para pc are professionally designed to take clear pictures and snaps of the perpetrators while eliminating the drastic situations all the time. It is one of the power-packed software that comes in amazing features that you don’t wanna miss.

A Multitude of Benefits That gDMSS Offers

As stated above, gDMSS is an effective, efficient, and feature-rich software application for viewing and managing suspicious activities using the CCTV cameras on the PC. This result-driven mobile application is trending nowadays for a plethora of benefits. And these are:

  • Easily handle remote surveillance services
  • Features live, real-time, and video playback
  • Multi-Language option
  • Joystick control
  • Observe and control live video streams directly from video cameras
  • Customize view for the camera
  • Support up to 128 channels one at a time
  • Give you notifications like alarm notifications and email notifications including Invisible Task Wheel, Finger Gestures as well as Window Slide with Push Alarm Function
  • Support for Windows 7/8/10 or MAC
  • User management
  • Alarms event management
  • Channel splitting support
  • Provides you with import-export options  for software settings
  • Connect up to 256 different devices with ease
  • Cloudp2p support

As you can see, gDMSS offers a complete solution to those looking for safety and security while driving the best positive outcomes throughout the year.

gDMSS Lite for PC Windows 7 Free Download

Here is the list of steps that help you download and install the gDMSS app on PC, Windows, and Mac:

  • First, you need to install the Bluestacks (Bluestacks.exe file) or any reliable emulator on your PC.
  • After downloading the file completely, start the installation process
  • Launch it on your computer when ready to use
  • Enter your Gmail account details inside the software to proceed further
  • Once done, Type “GDMSS Plus App” in the search bar from the Google Play Store, Press enter, and install the software.
  • Wait for approx 10 to 15 seconds (Time varies depending on your internet connectivity)
  • Click on the install button for application gDMSS to start downloading on your PC or Mac
  • Open the gDMSS app to get started and enjoy!

This proven methodology is malware-free that gives you the opportunity to freely download and install gDMSS para pc from anywhere and at any time.

Get Extra with the New Version of gDMSS Plus

Just like gDMSS lite, gDMSS Plus is another advanced version that offers you unimaginable benefits. Getting the gDMSS Plus app can help you with extra features such as optimized SoftAP network configuration, Support white light, and siren of C26E, fix other complicated problems, and much more.

No matter whether you want to buy gDMSS lite or gDMSS Plus, both versions offer you a convenient, powerful, and perfect solution to boost your home or office security like a pro. Therefore, get the high-quality gDMSS software to watch the predators like a hawk!

PhonePe App Download for PC Windows 7/8/10 MAC Free

PhonePeIf you haven’t been living under a cave for the last five years, then you must have heard of PhonePe before- the mindblowing app that can make all your online transactions effortless. With the surge of digital payments across the world, more and more customers are also using PhonePe to make a safe and secure online payment. As we are becoming more and more technology-driven, the concept of a safe payment system is changing and impacting our lives for the good. Being a smart customer, you must follow some procedures or processes to carefully download phonepe for windows 7 and to make your every online payment successful.

Let’s take you through features, advantages, and how to make PhonePe download for windows 10 absolutely uncomplicated for easy payments anytime and from anywhere.

What is PhonePe?

PhonePe is an Indian integrated mobile payment platform founded in 2015 and launched by the biggest e-commerce giant Flipkart in 2016. It is a digital wallet platform particularly based on the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) that allows the users to leverage a multitude of benefits using one single app. And these are:

  • Send and receive money
  • Recharge Mobile
  • DTH
  • Data cards
  • Make utility payments
  • Pay at shops
  • Invest in tax savings funds
  • Liquid funds
  • Registering beneficiaries
  • Check your bank balance
  • Credit and debit card linking
  • Buy insurance
  • Mutual Funds
  • Gold

The introduction of the PhonePe app has dramatically changed every individual’s life by making every transaction cash-free, and most importantly hassle-free. It is always better to use a reliable app like PhonePe rather than wasting your time on complicated internet banking with limited options.

Also, PhonePe is one of India’s most efficient payment apps that even allows customers to book Ola rides, book flights and hotels on Goibibo, and pay for Redbus tickets effortlessly. Using your smartphone, you can fulfill all your banking needs without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

Advantages of Using PhonePe App

PhonePe is one of a kind online payment company that can offer you extra and unlimited options 24/7.

  • PhonePe allows the customers to make UPI based transactions, pay bills, link other digital wallets without any hitch.
  • From making automated payments for bills to exploring outlets for Food, Healthcare, and other utilities, PhonePe is the new way to discover nearby services while sitting at home
  • The users can easily link multiple or different bank accounts using PhonePe to make UPI transactions safely.
  • Get refunds and exciting cashback straight in your bank account.
  • You can even make payments to your friends, family, or colleagues at any time during any day.
  • It gives you the freedom to shop from your favorite online retailer like Amazon, Myntra, Jabong, or Flipkart, etc., and make easy payments to them.
  • The single PhonePe app brings you multiple languages- Hindi, English, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati, Telugu, Malayalam, Odia, Assamese and the list continues.

There are innumerable ways to process specific transactions such as using cards, UPI, wallet transfer, and a lot more.  Besides, you get the privilege to explore more than 140 banks, HDFC, Bank, RBL Bank, Canara Bank, Bank of Baroda, Punjab National Bank, Yes Bank, to name a few.

From making free banking transactions to booking your travels, PhonePe can serve all your online needs at just the click of a button.

How to Set Up Your Account for Free in PhonePe?

You need a smart android phone and good internet connectivity to set up an in PhonePe app for free. Follow these five simple steps to get started:

  1. Go to Google Play Store to download the PhonePe app safely and securely.
  2. Open the app, Enter your mobile number to proceed to login. Click on next to “Get OTP”.
  3. Copy and Paste the OTP and Click on “Save”
  4. Choose from the 11 supported languages that suit you the best.
  5. Activate and link your bank account to start paying

Remember that you must enter the mobile number that is linked to your preferred bank account. The PhonePe app is an automated app that automatically fetches your bank details after you select your bank. So, choose your bank account wisely to make future online payments trouble-free.

Just like any android phone, PhonePe is specifically designed to run on MAC and Windows platforms smoothly and efficiently. Here are the steps for phonepe pc software free download.

PhonePe Download for Windows 10

Here an easy process for installing the PhonePe app for PC:

  • To get started, go to Bluestacks official website ( and to download the virus-free software
  • Start the installation of the software by double-clicking the downloaded file.
  • After installation gets completed, run the software and register using your Google account.
  • Now, click on the search button, type the word “PhonePe” and then click to proceed further.
  • Select your most relevant Phonepe app download for PC and hit the install button again
  • Once installed, you can enjoy massive transactions via Phonepe PC.

It doesn’t take much effort to install Phonepe for PC download powered by Windows XP, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Mac laptop 32 bit & 64 bit OS devices.

No matter whether you use android phones, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, or Mac, this is the fastest way to download and install Phonepe download for PC.

Key Takeaways

In this fast-paced digital world, you need an excellent source to manage all the payments and make all the transactions in a protected environment. PhonePe is your one frugal online partner that can provide you unique as well as exciting ways to make your life easier.

Phonepe login pc download lets you take advantage of unimaginable benefits that include sending money, checking the preferred bank account, managing multiple banks, and saving beneficiaries to make future payments in just a matter of seconds.

Now, you don’t have to memorize complicated codes, passwords, lengthy account numbers, including other confidential details, use your fingertips to make easy payments with the PhonePe app.

VPN Master for PC / Mac / Windows 7,8,10 – Free Download

VPN MasterVPN Master PC can be a suitable tool for PC & Android to unblock and access Privacy Protection and Wi-Fi Security sites. The program comes with an encrypted VPN connection that features high-speed for tablets and Smartphones.

VPN Master for PC can allow you to bypass simple firewall settings and navigate on a wide range of sites. It would be best to download BlueStacks to your PC before you proceed to download the latest version of the program.

The BlueStacks emulator can allow users to access and download various software types such as apps and games. The Android emulator can also give you access to programs with restrictions in your region.

How to Install VPN Proxy Master for PC & Mac

Once you install the BlueStacks on your PC, you can proceed with how to download VPN Master for PC from Google Play Store. The procedure to install the program is almost similar to that of installing the BlueStacks software. It would be best to install these two programs concurrently.

The installation process can take some time, but its icon will pop up on the desktop once you complete it. Next, you can click on the icon to access the guidelines on how to run the program. Luckily, it provides a step by step guide to operating the program. The instructions are simple to apply and can save time.

The VPN programs have recorded more downloads over the past few months. The rise in the number of users could be the result of the demand for Internet and browsing privacy. Well, it offers unlimited free VPN options to allow its users to bypass most simple firewall settings. Hence, they can access and navigate more websites. It can also allow users to run PCs anonymously since it hides the IP address from ISP (Internet Service Providers) and hackers.

VPN Master for PC Full Version Features

The most vital features of the program include:

  1. It will allow the user to change their IP address.
  2. The program does not rely on root access.
  3. It offers anonymous internet access and use.
  4. VPN master PC can offer quality encryption of the internet traffic.
  5. The program features multiple locations.
  6. It comes with an intuitive and simple user interface.
  7. It will not demand login and does not requires users to sign up to use it.
  8. VPN master PC offers reliable server efficiency and speed.
  9. You will be able to unblock websites that your region restricts.
  10. It comes with non-restricted time, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited data.

Top VPN Master PC Alternatives

Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN Mater alternative is one of the most popular ones since it enables users to surf freely on the internet. The program can bypass location & geographical restrictions to give the users reliable internet connection speed, stable connection, and superior security. It also comes with an intuitive and simple user interface that does not require login or registration.

Thunder VPN

This software is another great VPN master PC alternative that enables users to access the internet anonymously. The program is simple to use and will not require you to reach out for technical assistance or tweak the system configurations. It will protect the data on your PC from third parties’ access.


It is a great alternative, but it demands users to join the premium plan to enjoy unlimited bandwidth. It will keep the users’ IP address secure and anonymous when they connect to public Wi-Fi. It has a user interface that is easy to navigate and operate.

VPN Master for PC is simple to download, install and operate. It comes with numerous features that offer efficiency and quality performance. It would be best to clarify that the alternatives to this program may be suitable for some instances.

However, VPN Master PC is suitable for most applications and can deliver the best results on most of your projects. It will save you from internet traffic, magnify the counts of sites you can access, and safeguard your IP address. Above all, the program can be suitable for accessing websites and online platforms that your region restricts.

Vidmate for PC – Free Download for Windows {7, 8, 10} or Mac OS X

Vidmate for PCGetting the best HD video downloader could make your work easier. It can allow you to quickly download videos while enabling you to choose a resolution option that interests you.  Also, it will enable you to download a video with just a single click of the button. Therefore, if you are a video junkie, you need a tool to make your work easier. So, what about working with Vidmate for PC?

Vidmate for PC features an HD video downloader built with mobile Android users in mind. It is a media conversion tool you can use on advanced PC emulators. Besides, you can use it at home on desktop computers such as Windows laptops and tablets. Vidmate for PC download tool is comprehensive and will allow you to download your videos on the PC and enjoy a host of benefits.

Why Choose Vidmate for PC?

The tool is MP3 supported and allows you to download videos and music at any time quickly. It is robust and supported to allow you to download and even share photos offline. The other important aspect that makes Vidmate PC rank high is that you can access and browse other supported programs inside the app. It will also allow you to browse social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube while downloading videos and pictures.

What’s more, it allows you to download videos from 1000+ locations, which is a good thing for anyone who loves browsing and downloading the best that the internet provides.


Vidmate for pc download app allows for playback of the inbuilt music and videos. Its resolutions are 4K supported with MP3 download and playback capabilities. All you need is to locate the video that you want to download and click on it. The app opens a window where the files are saved, including their respective resolutions and format. It makes it easier for you to select the file to download and save.


Vidmate PC HD allows you to download and share the videos and files on a wide range of platforms. Also, it allows you to extract files from social media and host them. For example, the app’s integration allows you to download videos and pictures on the WhatsApp platform before they are erased from the servers. It also allows you to download videos and pictures from TikTok, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Live leak, and Facebook.

Unfortunately, you may not be able to download the app on the Google play store because it is not available. But you can download it from verified sources for PC users. You can also easily download it on your laptops as long as you have Android emulators such as NoxPlayer and BlueStacks. Vidmate is thus among the most popular tool for Android managers looking forward to downloading popular videos. It is a compatible app with built-in features that will allow you to extract audio and video from any platform with ease.

When you choose Vidmate download for pc, you will download any program and videos from the internet.  If you have android, it makes your work easier.

The tool is compatible with many formats and comes with the following features:

  • It can help you bookmark your favorite videos
  • It can help you carry out multiple downloads to a tune of 100 videos at the same time.
  • Allows you to cancel, pause and resume downloading whenever you want.
  • You can download up to 30 GB of videos 
  • It is a clean interface
  • Allows you to play the videos when downloading it is compatible with MKV, AVI, 3GP, WMV, MKV, and MP4.
  • It will allow you to search for videos in the app, including browsing through the results
  • It allows you to download a video in the background while performing other tasks.
  • You can also search a video within the app or browse through the results to save you from the trouble of browsing.
  • Lastly, you are free to pursue other tasks as the tool downloads videos in the background. 

Although the app does not cater to everyone’s needs when it comes to downloading videos, it is nevertheless the best program on the market, which you can use without necessarily downloading APK, as is the case with other emulators. However, it is not the best tool for anyone planning to download videos from streaming sites.


Using Vidmate for pc download comes with a host of benefits to the final users. Some of the most important ones include:

Saves Resources in Learning

Teachers will find the app vital if they plan to use it in providing teaching resources. It downloads videos of objects that you plan to use as a specimen. It can also download and save the videos, meaning that even if you do not have internet access in your classes, you can still share your students’ knowledge offline. It provides multiple videos, which you can use to enrich your lesson.   Besides, you can also use it to enrich your knowledge since it allows you to download videos and use them later.

Streaming Videos Seamlessly

When you download a movie using the tool, it allows you uninterrupted streaming.  You can also enjoy watching the movie without being interrupted.

It Is Easy to Use

The app is easy to use and is designed for both technical and non-tech serve individuals. The interface is easy to understand, and all that is needed is for you to paste the tool’s link in the box and submit it. It will process your link and give you the option to choose to download the available video.

No Need to Install It

If you are worried about space and power usage, the Vidmate download for pc could be the right tool for you. You do not need to download this state of art app before you start using it. With the internet, you could download videos straight away without the need to install the app.

iVMS-4500 for PC Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac – Free Download

iVMS-4500 for PCiVMS-4500 refers to a free mobile client for Android tablets and Smartphones. It is a product from the HIKVISION HQ to monitor live streams remotely using embedded sources. Recent iVMS 4500 for PC users say that it is a reliable audio and media tool. This article will talk about the features of iVMS 450 for PC, how to download and install the program, and its benefits.

iVMS 4500 PC can help users to monitor and edit the live videos they share on their PC. The program has recorded over 50k downloads. Generally speaking, it uses contemporary techs to monitor video devices such as DVDs, NVR, and CCTV.

The program allows users to zoom out and in using the pan-tilt-zoom feature. Besides, it will allow you to edit numerous videos simultaneously and also control its alarm sound output. Another great option about the program is that it offers secure storage for files.

iVMS 4500 for Windows 7 can be suitable for small firms like grocery stores to monitor buyers. It can also be ideal for monitoring a small office setting or other domestic applications such as overall home monitoring and safety at the gate & fence.

Features of iVMS 4500 for PC

  1. It has the alarm output control option.
  2. The software comes with a Pan-Tilt-Zoom control option.
  3. It offers a safe mechanism for storing photographs and videos.
  4. iVMS 4500 PC allows video editing.
  5. It offers NVR, DVD, and CCTV monitoring.
  6. The program allows the integration of Hikvision’s P2P service.
  7. It will enable you to manage up to 256 different sets of devices. Also, you will be able to modify, delete or add device profiles.
  8. The program offers video and snapshot recording support.
  9. iVMS-4500 for PC offers support for preset configuration and activation together with the adjustment for brightness.
  10. It will allow CCTV camera movement and PTZ control.
  11. The program offers a real-time live stream for up to 16 different channels.

Above all, the software is suitable for mobile users, and its features are compatible with Android OS with a higher version than 4.0. You can also use the software to monitor live videos from an embedded encoder, network speed dome, network camera, NVR, and DVR. Also, the software can locally manage & sort various videos and pictures and playback record files.

iVMS 4500 Download for PC and Its Installation

The crucial step would be to download a suitable Android emulator for your PC. Installing a reliable Android emulator like BlueStacks will enable the software to run on your PC. You can then search IVMS 4500 download for pc windows 7 on Play Store and install it.

After launching the program on your PC, you must navigate the menu to set the software to serve all your local devices. Click on Devices and the (+) button to add another local device. Adding the local device will enable you to access a live image from the NVR, DVR, and other cameras.

It would be best to mention that changing the Public IP address is one of the most common explanations if the software does not work. The software might not detect CCTV videos remotely if the internet cable or network cable is not complete. Also, setting up the program wrongly might not work. Here are the crucial steps you must follow:

  1. Step one involves downloading and installing BlueStacks to your Mac or Windows PC. When the download is complete, you will configure the program with the instructions it offers on the screen.
  2. The next step would be to set up the Google Account using your email address. You can create a new email easily if you do not have one.
  3. After you set your Google Account on Play Store, you can then navigate the search button and type in IVMS 4500. The installation process might take some time, depending on the features of your PC.
  4. You must ensure that the program gets fully installed before you navigate to the Apps option under BlueStacks. The program will probably appear on the list of apps. The good thing is that the program will guide you to complete most of its functions.


Security is more valuable than money. For that reason, it is evident that security cameras are present in all organizations and public places. In any case, the IVMS 4500 software can be a great solution to your home safety. Above all, it is easy to download, install and run.

Video monitoring can be a controversial topic. Privacy matters are becoming more serious every day. Besides, it would be best not to underestimate video monitoring since it is crucial to ensuring our property’s safety. For medium and small-scale firms, monitoring your property and employees is vital for your business’s future.

iVMS 4500 can be a productive addition to your video monitoring system. Over 25 million businesses & individuals use the program worldwide, and specialists say that real-time monitoring videos can reduce more than 67 of the frequent burglaries globally.

Such surveillance methods can save on cash, unlike traditional methods, which required business owners to hire an extra employee. The ease of monitoring these videos on your tablets, mobile phones, and remote computer also promotes flexibility.

Most importantly, iVMS 4500 video monitoring can be a strategic approach to resolve disputes in workplaces. Besides, it promotes productivity since works will be more cautious when they learn about it. As a result, customer experiences might improve to attract more sales.

All in all, iVMS 4500 can be a reliable tool to monitor, edit, record, and store your live videos. The program has recorded numerous positive reviews globally. The best part of it all is that it is to download and install. Nevertheless, it would be best to ensure that you follow the download procedure to correctly install the program. Luckily, it provides a guide on how to use it, and its user interface is simple.

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