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Alfred Home Security Camera, Baby&Pet Monitor CCTVWith increasing number of crimes, it is very important to ensure the security of your family on daily routine by using security cams at your home. If you are opting for an effective security cam then you can go for Alfred Security Camera application. With the help of this software, you can easily monitor your home and office by streaming a live video from anywhere in the world.

Alfred Security Camera app

Alfred security camera app has a simple application interface that runs efficiently even on an old Android or iOS gadget. You can easily monitor and record the live streaming video with the help of Alfred Camera web viewer app. Alfred Security Camera enables the user to install their surveillance camera wherever they want to strengthen its security.

How does Alfred Security Camera Work?

Alfred Home Security Camera

Alfred Home Security Camera – Image From Google

Alfred Security Camera works on a very simple process without any requirement of coding knowledge. At the first step, you need to download and install this app on two mobile devices (android or iOS). After completing the installation process, you need to sign in with the same Gmail account on both devices. Now, you can simply enjoy Alfred Security Cam by setting one device acting like a camera and the other one as a viewer. Now, you are ready to check on live streaming video from anywhere in this world with an active internet connection.

Features of Alfred Camera

  • 24/7 Live streaming

Alfred camera web viewer helps you to keep an eye on whatever you care about at any time from anywhere, just like a security camera.

  • Motion detection

Alfred security cam app enables the user to get instant notification whenever the camera finds any kind of movement.

  • Two-way talk

Alfred cam app acts as a medium of two-way talk, where you can easily discourage thieves, interact with visitors or pets, and comfort babies.

  • Low-light filter

This security cam allows you to observe sleeping babies, reinforce security even when it is dark and monitor your pet’s nightlife with the help of a night vision technology.

  • Siren

Siren feature of this security cam scare away intruders and protect your possessions even when you are far from the house.

  • Trust Circle

Trust Circle feature enables the user to add their trustworthy individuals with their Gmail accounts and bring peace to their minds.

Uses of Alfred Security Camera Application

The main purpose of Alfred Cam is to monitor data, behavior, activities, manage the information, and protect people and their belongings. With the help of an internet connection, this app can easily be accessed from anywhere in the world. This app has helped the users to stay control and watch safety at home without any requirement of wired connections.

For purposes like criminal investigations, crime prevention, and intelligence gathering, Alfred Security cam is used. This app has some negative uses like anti-social activities, blackmailing, robbery, kidnapping, and for gathering any official information by detectives. Other than positive and negative aspects, its overall purpose is to provide security to your objects or spaces or individuals by giving instant image messaging service to the authorized user within a second.

The uniqueness about Alfred PC

Following are the unique features of Alfred Viewerfor PC:

  • No tutorials are required for its usage due to its simple user-friendly interface
  • Alfred PC allows the user to connect with multiple camera and viewers
  • Alfred security cam app is very rapid and connects to the secured location with the highest interactivity and shortest latency in a matter of seconds
  • Alfred App provides a unique feature of motion detection technology that automatically sends suspect’s image in messages whenever motion is detected
  • Alfred cam app minimizes the standby time and you can receive messages even you have very slow internet connectivity
  • Alfred app has an AI interface, which enables the application to lower down the quality of a captured image based on an internet connection status on device.

Steps to download and install Alfred home security for Windows and MAC

As mentioned earlier, Alfred security app is a mobile application and therefore, it requires an emulator for its installation on Windows and MAC operating system. The emulator will provide a platform for a mobile application to run on Windows and MAC operating system.

Following are the steps to download Alfred camera app for Windows and MAC:

  • Step 1: If you want to download Alfred for Windows, open Google chrome and download an emulator “BlueStacks” from its official website ( If you’re going to download Alfred for MAC, open Safari and download an emulator “BlueStacks” from its official website (
  • Step 2: After downloading BlueStacks emulator, install it on your PC and accept its installation prompts
  • Step 3: After complete installation of BlueStacks, open it and look for Play Store
  • Step 4: Search Alfred PC viewer on PlayStore and install it
  • Step 5: After complete installation of Alfred viewer, register it with the same Gmail account as given in a camera phone
  • Step 6: Open the app, now you are ready to stream the live video
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