Download AnonyTun App for PC – Available for Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac

anonytun pcDo you feel irritated each time you can’t access a particular website? Living in a country with substantial government restrictions to visit the web? Anonytun is then the perfect solution for you. It delivers super fast VPN connection and deflects any restricted access from any location and in any country. You can download anonytun for pc and visit any website irrespective of your location settings. The VPN unblocks any firewall encryption anonymously and breaches through any device and lets you watch without any restriction or limitations.

Anonytun comes with a sleek user interface and is so amicable that all you need to do is to press the Connect button to gain control of any secure location like SSL tunnel, TCP tunnel or HTTP tunnel. There is also the Stealth setting for the more advanced users which enables them to change the Connection port and internet protocol address and connect through proxy settings, edit the settings, tamper the TCP/HTTP headers and disburse advanced SSL settings. Anonytun is available for Android and smartphone users, but you can get anonytun for pc by following some simple steps like using an Android emulator to download the file.

There are many VPN servers available in the market and Anonytun is one of its kinds. There are many reasons for this, one it is entirely free, and you don’t need to register. Two, it is extremely reliable to use, and there are multiple proxy servers there is little chance of snapping ties. Third, it boasts of lighting speed that you won’t notice any difference in speed when the service is in operation. Four, there is no limit as far as the bandwidth is concerned. You don’t require a root directory to set this up. Anonytun offers everything that you would expect from a fast VPN service. The cherry on the cake is the anonytun pc version which can now be easily downloaded. So, if you are living in a country with clamp-on internet usage, then this software is the perfect solution for you.

Anonytun for your PC and Windows

There are a few complimentery steps you need to follow if you want to install anonytun pc. At first, you have to download an Android Emulator for your PC. Bluestacks is the best emulator that you can get; download it from their official site. Secondly, you need to run the Bluestacks setp.exe, which will start the file extraction process. Third, after the files are extracted, the start screen will be in front of you, and it will contain an install button. Click on the button and install Bluestacks and configure it with your PC. Fourth, you need to enter your Gmail id and password to access the play store. If you have not a Google account, you need to get one before you can access the file. Fifth, after completing the registration process through the play store type anonytun in the search box and select the program. Tap the install button to complete the setup. It is also possible to download APK file to your PC and run the setup.

There are specific system requirements for running these files. For example, Bluestacks usually runs without glitches on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows Vista SP2, Windows XP SP3, Mac OS Sierra (10.12), and Mojave (10.14). Ram requirement is 2-4 GB and 4 GB of Hard disk space.

Google has recently introduced a new update BERT which is a kind of natural language processing system, which will be able to detect the context in your Google searches. It will slowly be spread to other Google items, and according to the company, it will improve the search queries. BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers and is a new artificial intelligence training system.

There are two different ways to install anonytun vpn for pc. One is through Bluestacks APK, and the other one is through the NOX app player. So, Anonytun is the best option for you to breach all the local site restriction and enter any website of your choice with a secure and anonymous VPN. Install this magnetic software right now on your PC and feel the difference.

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