iVMS-4500 for PC Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac – Free Download

iVMS-4500 for PCiVMS-4500 refers to a free mobile client for Android tablets and Smartphones. It is a product from the HIKVISION HQ to monitor live streams remotely using embedded sources. Recent iVMS 4500 for PC users say that it is a reliable audio and media tool. This article will talk about the features of iVMS 450 for PC, how to download and install the program, and its benefits.

iVMS 4500 PC can help users to monitor and edit the live videos they share on their PC. The program has recorded over 50k downloads. Generally speaking, it uses contemporary techs to monitor video devices such as DVDs, NVR, and CCTV.

The program allows users to zoom out and in using the pan-tilt-zoom feature. Besides, it will allow you to edit numerous videos simultaneously and also control its alarm sound output. Another great option about the program is that it offers secure storage for files.

iVMS 4500 for Windows 7 can be suitable for small firms like grocery stores to monitor buyers. It can also be ideal for monitoring a small office setting or other domestic applications such as overall home monitoring and safety at the gate & fence.

Features of iVMS 4500 for PC

  1. It has the alarm output control option.
  2. The software comes with a Pan-Tilt-Zoom control option.
  3. It offers a safe mechanism for storing photographs and videos.
  4. iVMS 4500 PC allows video editing.
  5. It offers NVR, DVD, and CCTV monitoring.
  6. The program allows the integration of Hikvision’s P2P service.
  7. It will enable you to manage up to 256 different sets of devices. Also, you will be able to modify, delete or add device profiles.
  8. The program offers video and snapshot recording support.
  9. iVMS-4500 for PC offers support for preset configuration and activation together with the adjustment for brightness.
  10. It will allow CCTV camera movement and PTZ control.
  11. The program offers a real-time live stream for up to 16 different channels.

Above all, the software is suitable for mobile users, and its features are compatible with Android OS with a higher version than 4.0. You can also use the software to monitor live videos from an embedded encoder, network speed dome, network camera, NVR, and DVR. Also, the software can locally manage & sort various videos and pictures and playback record files.

iVMS 4500 Download for PC and Its Installation

The crucial step would be to download a suitable Android emulator for your PC. Installing a reliable Android emulator like BlueStacks will enable the software to run on your PC. You can then search IVMS 4500 download for pc windows 7 on Play Store and install it.

After launching the program on your PC, you must navigate the menu to set the software to serve all your local devices. Click on Devices and the (+) button to add another local device. Adding the local device will enable you to access a live image from the NVR, DVR, and other cameras.

It would be best to mention that changing the Public IP address is one of the most common explanations if the software does not work. The software might not detect CCTV videos remotely if the internet cable or network cable is not complete. Also, setting up the program wrongly might not work. Here are the crucial steps you must follow:

  1. Step one involves downloading and installing BlueStacks to your Mac or Windows PC. When the download is complete, you will configure the program with the instructions it offers on the screen.
  2. The next step would be to set up the Google Account using your email address. You can create a new email easily if you do not have one.
  3. After you set your Google Account on Play Store, you can then navigate the search button and type in IVMS 4500. The installation process might take some time, depending on the features of your PC.
  4. You must ensure that the program gets fully installed before you navigate to the Apps option under BlueStacks. The program will probably appear on the list of apps. The good thing is that the program will guide you to complete most of its functions.


Security is more valuable than money. For that reason, it is evident that security cameras are present in all organizations and public places. In any case, the IVMS 4500 software can be a great solution to your home safety. Above all, it is easy to download, install and run.

Video monitoring can be a controversial topic. Privacy matters are becoming more serious every day. Besides, it would be best not to underestimate video monitoring since it is crucial to ensuring our property’s safety. For medium and small-scale firms, monitoring your property and employees is vital for your business’s future.

iVMS 4500 can be a productive addition to your video monitoring system. Over 25 million businesses & individuals use the program worldwide, and specialists say that real-time monitoring videos can reduce more than 67 of the frequent burglaries globally.

Such surveillance methods can save on cash, unlike traditional methods, which required business owners to hire an extra employee. The ease of monitoring these videos on your tablets, mobile phones, and remote computer also promotes flexibility.

Most importantly, iVMS 4500 video monitoring can be a strategic approach to resolve disputes in workplaces. Besides, it promotes productivity since works will be more cautious when they learn about it. As a result, customer experiences might improve to attract more sales.

All in all, iVMS 4500 can be a reliable tool to monitor, edit, record, and store your live videos. The program has recorded numerous positive reviews globally. The best part of it all is that it is to download and install. Nevertheless, it would be best to ensure that you follow the download procedure to correctly install the program. Luckily, it provides a guide on how to use it, and its user interface is simple.

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