VivaVideo for PC Windows 7,8,10 Free Download

VivaVideo for PC Windows (7,8,10) Free DownloadThe recent rise of video sharing platforms has been ignited because of the easy and affordable availability of the internet. And with that, the demand for high quality video editing software too has taken an upward trend.

For editing full-length feature films and small videos for your YouTube channel too, you will need professional-level video editing software. But for editing videos you take from your phone or digital camera, you do not need spend much.

You need an application that does not cost you a single penny, especially in the beginning. One such video editor is VivaVideo.

Viva Video for PC

Viva Video is a professional video editing app that is available for free download on Android, iOS, and Windows 7, 8, and 10 versions.

While for Android and iOS, the app can be downloaded from the official stores, to download VivaVideo for PC, you will need to download emulator software on your computer or an extension on your web browser.

Benefits of Viva Video for PC Online

Viva Video is an Android and iOS app, which works on Android and Apple smart phones only. But, you can use the app on your computer by downloading and installing an emulator application.

Once you have decided that you are going to install and download VivaVideo for your pc, you get many advanced features unavailable even in many paid and professional apps.

Here are some of the excellent facilitations offered by VivaVideo editor app on PC –

FX Format Setting –

This professional-grade video editor software allows you to improvise the quality of your pictures and videos in FX format. You can make your videos feel like as if they are taken from DSLR camera. This is something that most free and paid video editors on Play Store and App Store do not offer.

Live Dubbing –

When you are editing a video and you have to add a commentary, you generally have to record the audio separately using some other app. But with VivaVideo, you can record and dub your audio live, and there will be no need for any other app for this.

Stickers –

There is an option to add stickers to make your videos more interactive. It will be like your videos are expressing their feelings through impressively designed stickers and other customizable inserts.

Special Effects –

Imagine watching Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies without any special effect!! All you will see will be green screen with actors moving and jumping.

A video does not appeal to viewers if it is plane and there are no special effects. With VivaVideo software, you can choose from over 200 special effects and add a rich feature to your edits.

You can also add text to your video, if you want to put some information or message for your viewers. Apart from that, you can add music from your library or hard drive too.

VivaVideo also allows users to clap together multiple videos on a single screen to create a video collage. Moreover, you can combine different pictures to create a slideshow video with some catchy music or your commentary in the background.


Merging multiple video clips to create one video is also a thing when you choose VivaVideo app download for PC. And this is something you will find even on the most basic video editor app on Android and iOS.

A Social Network of Its Own –

You can connect with your friends and like-minded people on VivaVideo, just like you add people on your Snapchat and Instagram. It works the same way.

You can share videos you edit, and create stories too. It is a small social network in its own. You can become an active social animal here and get a chance to rise to fame.

What’s more? You can share your work on other social networks too using the VivaVideo software interface within a few clicks.

Overall, VivaVideo is a powerful video editor that you can use on your smart phone and now, on your Windows PC and Mac, too. There are two ways you can use the software on your PC – (i) by downloading and installing Chrome browser extension, and (ii) by downloading and installing an emulator on your computer and then, installing the VivaVideo app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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